The reviled backdrop that crashes Android Smartphones, at long last clarified.

You know when somebody instructs you to not accomplish something and that ordinarily makes you need to do that thing much more so just to perceive what might occur?

Sourse: Youtube

Indeed, that is actually what befallen several Android and Google telephone proprietors when an unmistakable programmer tweeted out that there was a sure picture on the web that, whenever transferred as a backdrop, would murder your telephone. Many, obviously, felt free to transfer that picture as their telephone’s backdrop a lot to their mortification when their telephones completely went ballistic on them.

the issue is brought about by the shading profile of the picture, which surpasses the limits of what Android can deal with. That essentially implies the issue isn’t constrained to this specific picture. It could occur with any picture that has this sort of shading issue. It’s a designing imperfection, thus could be installed in different pictures yet to surface.