Why are Android phones so trash?

  • Because they have crappy 48 and 64MP cameras. 108MP? Pffft. Everyone knows 12MP is the way.
  • People don’t like using the universal USB-C standard that was proven to be the most reliable across all devices. They like using Lightning cables with 2012 technology. Even MicroUSB was more advanced.
  • They like getting updates that were, beyond any doubt, proven to slow down the phone.
  • People don’t like connecting USB drives, keyboards and mice to their phones.
  • People don’t like under-display fingerprint scanners.
  • People don’t like beautiful phones.
  • Because nobody wants to have a customizable, fun-to-use, reliable operating system on their phones.

Galaxy Note 10

Mate 30 Pro

Xiaomi Mi 9T

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

Galaxy Fold


Asus ROG Phone II

Sony Xperia 1

Yeah… Android is trash.