The coolest inventions that exist today.

OMG. I need that pen. Just imagine that you just search the color you want on Google and the scan it from there ! Hope it’s real though.

Just imagine how awesome those jeans would be!

You are just sitting in class on you phone then the teacher walks by and baaam .

You cover your phone with the flap of Jean! Genius!

Do you know what this extension outlet means to us?!

You can have an extension cord plugged into the extension outlet with your phone plugged into your super long charger that’s plugged in to two layers of extensions! Imma be around the whole room Charging my phone.

If you think that’s apple peeler is amazing, try the Apple machine.

It peels, cores and slices at the same time! I use one all the time, when I make apple pie and apple crisp, it’s so useful for baking, I love it!

What if you slightly shorter than the middle door, but don’t want to go to the tiny door 😂sorry I know, I am not funny..

I think Key hole for drunk people is a masterpiece!Think about it! You come home from a party and you have had a few too many and now you don’t have to spend five minutes opening the door, magnificent!!!!

Yes these are awesome, but wouldn’t the bike be heavy??

Why do you need a solar powered bench, it’s going to glow at night, so there won’t be any sun, also you can just use a normal bench!!

You know these are amazing.

But I also think the world is getting extremely lazy. Why do we need this? The answer is we don’t. But don’t get me wrong, these are super cool!

Edit: Key hole for drunk people; That key hole would also help anyone with arthritis in their knuckles, cold hands etc…

It would also be helpful for those with visual impairments.

And it could be also useful for people whose hand shake a lot!!!