How Project Management Software Can Help You With Productivity Woes

Airtable can best be described as “Like Excel, but prettier.” If you know how to title, organize, and enter data into a basic Excel spreadsheet, you will find Airtable easy to use.

Try one of their provided templates, like “event planning” or “advertising campaign,” or create your own project with a host of attractive colors. But where Airtable shines is its collaborative nature. You can invite collaborators to your databases and chat with them on each step of the project.

Supervisors can assign tasks, plus they can “watch” their coworkers’ projects and get notified on their progress in real time. And you can view the projects in a calendar mode, a Kanban mode, or a gallery. And if you’re not up to speed on all its features, the application provides tons of tutorials. If you’re a stickler about how certain items look in Excel, you’ll find that some design features are missing, namely that text does not wrap in an attractive way.

You’ll often find yourself having to click on your database entries to expand them and then view everything. But what’s important is Airtable appears to be listening: when customers repeatedly asked for the ability to export reports into charts and graphs, they added the feature for paid subscribers.

Speaking of paying, there is a free version of Airtable that gives you 2GB of data. The Plus account gives you unlimited databases, with 5000 records per database. You get 5GB of storage and six months of revision history. The Pro plan is $24 per user per month with 50,000 records and 20GB of space.