Why Google hired Sundar Pichai?

Most of them can write code but that’s not the reason they were hired. Pichai was not hired for programming skills but for product management skills. And in most of the TECH companies product managers rise to the top.

Why Product Management skills are so high rated than programmers?

Programmers write code and there are millions of people who can write good code. But best code doesn’t mean the successful product. The success of TECH products need a lot more things than just code.

Product managers on the other hand provide a more leadership role for the product. It needs much more than technical skills. It needs business, market, as well as the end user understanding of the product. They match the human and tech element of the product.

So, in short, it’s easy to code these days, considering the millions of programmers that are there, but to know what to code is a challenge and only few people are really good at it.