Good Design

  • This piggy bank keeps the count of the money you save!
  • This handle is installed inside toilet gates so that while going out you can keep your hands germs free.
  • WATERPROOF SOCKS:- Who doesn’t feel bad when their socks get wet. These are here to help you out!
  • It is a lock container, once the timer is set, it only opens after that period of time.
  • This plant holder makes it easier to extract vegetables without deforming the shape and size of soil and roots
  • Parking places in France have these cushioned bars to avoid any problems of collision between cars .
  • This is a skimmer which takes out huge amounts of debris but consuming less time than the normal hand-picking method
  • This pen printer is specially designed to print on rough and uneven surfaces.
  • This pillow is designed so that one can comfortably lie in bed wearing glasses. We need one for headphones too!