Cool tech hack that you have done.

This is actually a simple tech hack that worked for me.

I use a Redmi device. One day I was listening to music on my phone, my headset was plugged in. It was all normal, until I removed the headset. There was no sound coming from the speakers. Music was still playing but no sound. The headset icon was still on the notification bar even after unplugging the headset (like in the picture).

As a normal human being I panicked. I plugged the headset in and out multiple times hoping it would solve the problem. Alas it didn’t.

As a normal human being (again) I searched on google for a solution. Nothing came up. Most of the results told me to restart the phone (which I did like everyone, even before searching on google “duh”).

I lost all hope and called a friend who had the same device hoping he knows something about it. To my surprise he also went through this issue.

He said “Don’t worry, no need to panic. You go and take a cotton swab (cotton buds/Q-tips).”

At that point I didn’t know If he was being serious or just mocking me. Anyway I got the swab and he told me to put it in the headphone socket and gently push (don’t think anything naughty XD). I did the same and Voilà! the headphone icon disappeared. Music started playing through the speakers. It was a great relief as even the phone calls were muted because of this issue.

Hope this hack helps someone.