Best new Products or Inventions

Life straw – A LifeStraw is a filter designed to filter water so that user can drink it safely. It can remove 99.9999% of parasites and bacteria in water. Adventures just became 99.99% easy, didn’t they?

LED slippers – So that you do not hit your toes and fall down in the dark hurting yourself.

Ironing Board Mirror – Save space with the ironing board mirror. This is a 2 in 1 innovation which is an ironing board which also turns into a mirror.

See through toaster – You can have a perfectly light golden toast or have a well roasted one – it’s your choice.

GPS Shoes – Admit it, we all have wished for cool shoes like these ones whenever we have lost our ways. Well, the universe heard it finally!

Reusable Candle – This invention beats all the DIY techniques to reuse the leftover wax to make candles. It perfectly reduces wastage and looks elegant too!

The Storm Umbrella – This umbrella is specially designed for the strong winds during rains. It is said to have withstood winds with a speed of 100km/hr. Say bye bye to mending the broken umbrellas all the time.