Apple holding onto the notch design while other companies are working hard to make a phone 100% screen

Because Apple chose security over aesthetics.

The notch isn’t there because Apple thinks it looks good, it’s there for Face ID.

Which in case you didn’t know, is completely unrivaled.

The amount of technology in the notch is quite remarkable, and in the real world blends in so well with the UI that it’s barely an issue to most

The problem is the vast majority of notch complaints come from people who’ve never used an iPhone X, the same way our brain forgets that our nose is constantly in view, after a while the notch will just recede from view in daily life.

Don’t take it the wrong way, Apple would remove the notch in a second if Face ID could go under the screen, but unfortunately, that’s not possible, or at the very least reliable as of now.

Technology like this,

Cannot go under a screen, period.

And anyway Apple already did shrink the notch, dramatically.

Back in 2011 Face ID looked like this,

Some of you may know already but for those who don’t this is an Xbox Kinect. Yes, in just a few years Apple shrunk what Microsoft couldn’t pull off in 2011, and made it into the most secure smartphone biometric ever.

There’s also the argument of in-display fingerprint readers, which many people seem to think are the best alternative, but IMO they’re not.

Old capacitive fingerprint readers were excellent. Fast, secure and most importantly, reliable.

Honestly they were the best example of biometric authentication.

But this new ultrasonic version is not, They still need work to be even comparable to their predecessors, particularly with speed and reliability. They don’t work with your old screen protectors nor do they work well if you have a skin condition (eczema, psoriasis etc)

As for the optical fingerprint readers on cheaper android devices, they’re even worse, at least the one Samsung uses actually has some decent tech around it, this version does not.