Engage Your Audience on YouTube

In recent times, online video marketing reach has increased due to their ability to engage customers better than other marketing media.

Due to this sudden increase in video marketing, there is heavy competition over customer’s attention and time. Millions of videos and hundreds of thousands of video hours being watched every day. And all these competing among the customers for some reason. But all the videos work well? Do all videos get the expected engagements?


Visit YouTube, and you can get millions of videos without a single comment, and many are struggling to get a thousand views.

Many online marketers did not figure out the way of getting engagements for their channels on YouTube still now. Here are the simple techniques to gain your video viewership and maximize the channel engagements with your audience on YouTube.


Shorter videos get the most views:

Do videos with shorter length tend to get more engagements?

The answer to this question is with you. Whenever you make a search on YouTube about anything, I bet you probably select shorter videos than longer ones to watch. Am I right? Yes!

An interesting fact, the videos that have 20 to 120 seconds have more viewers than longer videos. That means videos with short minutes have an outstanding performance than longer minutes videos. And also, it is effortless to convince the audience to watch short minutes of videos.

If you are going to upload shorter minute videos, you are probably to get more viewers for your videos. Video viewers are the primary stone for the video engagements.


Apply marketing principles and basic SEO on YouTube:

The first thing for marketers is to follow the rules of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It’s the ability to gain more quantity and quality of traffic through organic search. In the case of YouTube, your videos can stand higher on YouTube, the more views your videos get.

Here are the simple three strategies of SEO that you use to raise your video engagements:


1. Keyword Optimization:

Before uploading the videos, take some time to research the best keywords for your videos. Confirm that your keyword targeting has a higher search volume before working them in the title section.


2. Extend Video Description:

YouTube won’t listen or watch your videos; it uses the words and keywords to understand your video. Through the rich titles and descriptions, YouTube will rank your videos. Put long-tail keywords in your description part to rank higher quickly and get more views for your stunning videos.


3. Promote Repeatedly:

Because of heavy competition on YouTube, you want to promote your videos in a decent amount actively. Using Facebook, Twitter, and Emails to spread your videos needs a long way in gaining your engagements.

YouTube has two million users, and if you miss these SEO principles, your channel’s engagement will remain low, and there will be no rise in it.


Encourage your viewers to share, like, and comment on your videos:

Engagement is like a two-way road that needs absorption from both you and your viewers. Video likes, comments, and shares are the terms used to calculate engagements. You are supposed to do whatever drives your viewers to take these actions.

Most viewers will move quickly to another video after watching your video, so your videos tend to have less engagement than their viewers. The number of comments is even smaller because it needs more effort to do this; Most will skip commenting.

So, it is more important to encourage your viewers to like, share, and comment on your videos. Many video uploaders will spend a few minutes of their videos to ask their viewers to share and like your videos and to make comments about your videos, concepts for upcoming videos, or any suggestions for video improvements.


Respond to viewer behavior:

You must value your viewer’s actions and appreciate their recognition.

Whenever users do share, like, comment, or make a subscription to your videos, they are using their extreme efforts that they didn’t have to. So, make a point to give rewards for those efforts. Always appreciate your viewers who make engagements to your videos.

If a viewer asks any question in your comment section, answer it accurately as soon as possible. If they make a dissatisfied comment or improvement suggestion, thank them and trust them to keep their comments in future videos.


Be consistent:

Your channel won’t give anything to you if there is no content for your viewers to engage with.

Just like a content marketer needs to create quality unique content frequently, YouTubers need to upload new videos repeatedly to keep them engaged. A long duration of silence will kill your channel and your engagements like giant social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)

If you want to become a famous YouTuber, don’t stop uploading content frequently. If you have a large subscriber base by uploading new unique content, you can produce your content more effectively. Buy YouTube subscribers to gain your channel’s strength and for making your channel bright & consistent to a broader audience.

You can manage your timing with your viewers by making a fixed schedule. That helps your viewers to look forward to your videos.


Apply CTA and Annotations to your videos:

While getting your viewers to do likes, shares, and comments will increase engagements, but it will never reap the full benefits of YouTube marketing. Annotations and CTA are the two effective ways to get your viewers to engage with your channel and videos.

Annotations are the straightforward small boxes that appear on the screen when the video plays. You can direct your viewers to other videos from your channel; thus, it increases the engagements for the video. Likewise, you can ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel.

Make your annotation more productive with a compelling CTA that leads your videos to get more engagements.


Analyze YouTube analytics:

YouTube gives more data about video performance and your channel in YouTube analytics.

It means you don’t need extra software to understand your viewers. You need to know what isn’t working and what is working in your channel through YouTube analytics; thus, you can give sharp content videos that people need.

YouTube analytics will provide you with:

  • The average time your video get
  • Your traffic sources from YouTube search, YouTube ads, channel pages, etc
  • Your video viewers demographic (age, gender, locationArticle Submission, device) and more
  • Subscribers rate and audience retention.

You can also analyze what types of videos give better engagements and give some ideas to do the videos in the future.

Patience and strategic efforts will give you higher engagements to your channel.