Digital Marketing is the Best Career Option?

Digital Marketing is the new language of the marketing world to communicate with the world. The language is evolving with time into a great enthusiasm among digital marketers for several reasons.

How accessible the internet is in the modern era! The number is increasing every day by increasing its length and margin, which engulfs more and more internet users every year. Let us admit that the internet is not a luxury but a necessity in the artificial intelligence era. As per Pew Research, the usage of the internet has been increased among adults by 5%. The shopping criteria have changed a lot with the inception of digital marketing.

Marketing has always been out there since the ages. But the evolution of marketing has taken an enhanced form of digital marketing. Digital marketing has changed the rules of marketing filed by its reach and access to the masses. Digital marketing is the box that contains all marketing efforts in which electronic media and the internet are used.

Digital Marketing can become a great asset to your profile if you pursue it with the heart and brain. Digital marketing can open new horizons for your career prospects while taking into account the present pandemic situation, and millions of people are going out of the employment threshold every month.

Facts related to Digital Marketing

Do not get shocked after knowing some ground-breaking facts about the significance of digital marketing these days. Digital marketing has affected the markets across the globe to a great extent. Let us get to know some of the crucial facts.

  • By 2021 video demand will be increased by 82% as compared to another medium of digital media
  • Influencer Marketing is the talk of the town these days, especially on Instagram. It has been estimated that this market is going to grow to a whopping amount of around $1B
  • As per the Salesforce research, out of the whole marketing budget, 75% will go to digital marketing. It has increased by 21% in a decade.
  • Google and Facebook duopoly are known to everyone out there. Earn More Than The World’s Traditional Media Outlets
  • Relevant and appealing images play an essential role in promoting qualified content. It is estimated that the images with high relevance support content to a great extent.

Present Scenario- COVID-19

The world is reeling under the threat of COVID-19 since the beginning of this year. Lakhs of people have died across the globe. It has affected every aspect of human life. From the economy to the health sector, every segment of the society is bearing the bunt of this pandemic, and unemployment is touching the new heights every day in the aftermaths of COVID-19.
The world got to know the power of digitization because of COVID-19. Every company or organization across the globe is dependent on the digital presence of its manpower and resources.

The Digital revolution is bearing the fruits in the time of greatest need in the history of mankind. Remote working has become a norm in the times of quarantine and lockdowns in various countries. The remote job depends upon the extent of digitization. Because of digitization, the economy is still going on, not so strong, but somehow, it survives the pandemic.

Different aspects of Digital marketing

Digital Marketing is not a stand-alone platform to pursue your career, but it is a bundle of opportunities, and it consists of so many areas in it. You can adapt to any one of the following skills mentioned below, and you are good to go in the digital marketing sector. The best thing about digital marketing is its accessibility and easiness to pursue it. Everything is digital these days, and you just have to cash on the opportunities provided by the digital marketing platforms.

Search Engine Optimization:

A highly necessary process to optimize the web pages as per their content and organic search.

It is used in:

  • To attract Organic Users
  • To improve Online Presence in the swamp of millions of web pages
  • To fetch more lick on the web pages
  • To create valuable leads
  • To make conversions for your business/website/blog

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is nothing but a service that is used to keep track of the website traffic on web pages.

It is used in:

  • Measuring the ROI Ratio
  • Get to know the relevance of your online campaigns
  • Identify the areas of your website or blog which fetch most of the traffic and conversions
  • Get to know the demographic or geographic locations of your visitors
  • Have an idea about the search topics or keywords and the visitors
  • Find out your best content
  • Identify your flawed areas in your website or blog

Social Media Marketing

Millennials are crazy about social media these days, and all the social media platforms are a great showcase to show your business or marketing skills. Social media platforms include Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and so on. Social media marketing provides you the opportunity of expanding your career along with the thrill of connecting with so many users personally or professionally.

With social media marketing, you can:

  • Connect with your users
  • Increase your sales
  • Expand your business horizons
  • Target your niche audience
  • Raise your brand awareness among users
  • Create your Brand Image

Content Marketing

In a nutshell, content marketing includes two forms of digital marketing. It involves creating quality content and promoting it via social media marketing by publishing the content created. Content marketing is considered one of the most powerful forms of digital marketing.

Content Marketing used by:

  • Leading brands
  • Organizations
  • Digital Marketers
  • Business Tycoons
  • Inbound Marketing

Content marketing can be used in:

  • Attracting and engaging customers
  • Long-term engagement
  • Driving More Conversions
  • Building Brand Awareness
  • Building Brand Image

Types of Digital Marketing Jobs

Do not have second thoughts while thinking about pursuing a career in digital marketing. Digital marketing is the sea of opportunities and amenities. The demand for digital marketers is going to rise in the coming years as per the present situation. Any person who is interested in working in a fast-paced environment is highly suitable in the digital marketing field. Digital marketing is one of the most evolving industries in current times. You can unleash your creativity and passion in the digital marketing field without any drawback, and results will be highly commendable for your future and career.

There are many job profiles which can suit your aptitude and capabilities like:

  • Mobile marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Content management
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Google Analytics
  • Business/marketing strategy

Why should you choose Digital Marketing?

Anyone in the world is free to choose his/her career. But here you will get some reasons to choose digital marketing as your career option for the coming years of your life. There are thousands of reasons out there, but we will get to know some of the most important and relevant reasons for choosing a career in digital marketing.

To fill the skill gap

The skill gap is a big problem in developing countries and under-developing countries. Most of the people are compelled to do the jobs which are suitable for their profiles like an engineer is working as a clerk in some random organization. There are millions of youth out there to get the desired job for their career. Young people have the skill-set, but they are unable to utilize that talent because of the traditional ways and means of conventional methods. Well, digital marketing will change the face of employment across the world when every young person can utilize his/her talent as per his/her wish and need and that too in the comfort of his/her home.

Changing Dynamics of the Market

Every small, medium and prominent business is driving towards digital marketing to promote its brand or products. The demand for digital marketers is a new trend in the market. You will find thousands of job listings by the recruiters to recruit content creators, writers, developers, graphic designers, digital market executives, and others. It is estimated that the demand for content creators has risen to 400%.

High Earnings

In conventional jobs, youth are exploited with peanuts in the form of salary. You have to stay in the cubicles for long hours, and at the end of the month, a paltry salary is transferred to your account. Your career in digital marketing can change your financial and social status to a great extent if it is pursued with heart. With high earning and significant exposure to great opportunities, digital marketing can be the harbinger for your future and career altogether.

Utilize Your Creative and Imaginative Side

Imagine that you find satisfaction in creating creative designs, and you are compelled to do an accounting job. Will you get the satisfaction of doing that job? The answer is no. Digital marketing is the field where you can unleash your creativity and still earn money, along with satisfaction. You can work with numbers, images, charts, creative ideas, creative designs for the campaigns, and the list goes on and on.

Diversified Approach to reach and learn about People

Digital marketing gives you the chance to connect with people across the world in one place, and that place is the internet. You get to now people; you connect with them, you deal with them, you handle them with wit. The diversified digital marketing segment makes it different from conventional marketing where you are bound to a place, area, or cabin or market.

Future is digital

Do not get puzzled and compare digital marketing with a trend. Digital marketing is going to become a way of advertising and marketing in the coming years. Digital marketing will be the future of all leading brands, companies, and organizations. Those businesses which will not be able to take themselves along with the flow of technology will be out of business in no time. Digitization has given us the immense power to tap and utilize the market to the fullest.

Convenience and Portability of Resources

Last but not least!!! The most important takeaways of this article are here. You can start your career in digital marketing at your own pace and convenience. It does not matter if you have the experience of working in a digital marketing fir or not. The beauty of this career is you can pick up from anywhere. You can start as a fresher or a professional. You will get the exposure and experience within no time in this field.


You are the creator of your destiny. Your future is determined by the decisions you take today for your career. With so many convincing benefits, digital marketing can be the turning pint in your career trajectory. Just remember one thing, digital marketing is omnipresent, and you would find it everywhere.

We have the technology, finally, that for the first time in human history allows people to maintain rich connections with much larger numbers of people.” – Pierre Omidyar